Transplant Anaesthesia

Transplantation is the removal of living, functioning cells, tissues, or organs from the body and then their transfer back into the same body or into a different body. The most common type of transplantation is a blood transfusion. Blood transfusions are used to treat millions of people each year. More typically, transplantation refers to the transfer of organs (solid organ transplants) or tissues. Organ transplantation, unlike blood transfusion, involves major surgery, the use of drugs to suppress the immune system (immune suppressants), and the possibility of transplant rejection and serious complications, including death. However, for people whose vital organs have failed, organ transplantation may offer the only chance of survival. In our country kidney transplant and related anaesthesia is well establish but liver and other transplant anaesthesia is more complicate. But it is try to develop our country.
Aim of the society improved the transplant anaesthesia by
  • To promote academic and scientific activity in the field of transplant.
  • To encourage research in the field of transplant.
  • To establish guidelines of the anaesthesia for different organ transplant.
  • This facility speeds different instructions our country.
Recognized training centre :
Government :  NIKDU & Dhaka Medical College, Chittagong Medical College on processing.
Autonomous Institute :  Bangabandu Sheikh Mujib Medical University
Non-government  :  BIRDEM
Post graduation training program   : 6 month certificate course training program in Bangabandu Sheikh Mujib Medical University
Resource Contact persons:
Prof. K M Iqbal
Apollo Hospital
Prof. Fazlur Rahman
Northern Medical College
Prof. Abdul Hye
 Bangabandu Sheikh Mujib Medical University
Prof. A.K.M. Nur Nobi Chowdhury
Ibrahim Medical College & (BIRDEM) General Hospital
01819228831 (M),
Dr. Munjurul Alam
Dr. M. Manzoorul Hoq Laskar
Dept. of Aneasthesiology,  B.S.M.M.U
01814-666 000
Dr. Golam Ambia
Dr. Kawsar Sarder

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