Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that concerted and timely efforts of the government and concerned stakeholders can save many lives from the Covid-19 pandemic and avert a potential disaster. The Prime Minister said this in a pre-recorded address broadcast at the ‘Second International Conference on Pain-2022 and Seventh International Conference on Recent Advances in Pain-2022’ organized by Bangladesh Society of Anesthesiologists Critical Care and Pain Physicians in the capital on Saturday (September 10).
The Prime Minister said that Bangladesh has successfully tackled the Covid-19 pandemic and has been able to save many lives. Considering the population density, many feared that the epidemic would result in large numbers of deaths. But concerted and timely efforts by the government and stakeholders can avert a potential disaster. He said, during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have appointed 409 junior consultants, 2000 doctors and 5000 nurses in anesthesia on an emergency basis to deal with the situation.
The Prime Minister hoped that the conference would provide a platform to share the latest research information and techniques and help form a forum for international researchers from various fields of pain, pain medicine, assessment tools and pain management. Sheikh Hasina congratulated the Bangladesh Society of Anesthesiologists Critical Care and Pain Physicians-BSA-CCPP for organizing this important conference and welcomed the participants from home and abroad.
Summarizing the steps taken by his government in the overall development of the country’s health sector, the Prime Minister said that Bangladesh has made significant progress in the health sector in recent times. He said, currently there are 5 medical universities and 116 medical colleges in the country. The number of beds in government hospitals has doubled in the last decade. A large number of super-specialty hospitals have been established in the country in the private sector.
The Prime Minister said that her government has established about 18,500 community clinics and union health care centers across the country to bring healthcare to people’s doorsteps. 30 different types of medicines are being given free to poor people. AAM/EA/JIM


Bangladesh Society of Anaesthesiologists Critical Care and Pain Physicians (BSA-CCPP) is the new name of Bangladesh Society of Anaesthesiolosts (BSA), the oldest medical society of the country which was formed in 1974 by only seven members.


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