Peadiatric Anesthesia

Peadiatric anesthesia

The essential principles of safe paediatric anaesthesia covering the basics of anatomy, physiology and pharmacology emphasising the differences which exist between adults and children. It assesses how principles used in adult anaesthesia may be adapted to paediatric anaesthesia and includes suggested techniques, monitoring methods, regimens for fluid management and new advances in paediatric pain management. It is divided into three sections; physiology, pharmacology and practical consideration. Pediatric population in our country 30-35%. Life style & economical status is different the other development country. Anesthesia is so difficult job in Bangladesh compare the develop country.
The purpose of the Society for Pediatric Anesthesia is to continually advance the safety and quality of anesthetic care, perioperative management, and alleviation of pain in children. Promote the interests of anaesthetists who care for children.





Recognized training centre
Government  : All Govt. Medical Colleges
Autonomous Institute : Bangabandu Sheikh Mujib Medical University
Non-Government   :  Dhaka Shishu Hospital

Post graduation training: 6 Month training in Bangabandu Sheikh Mujib Medical University. After qualify FCPS, MD or Diploma in anaesthesiology.
Resource Contact persons:




Professor Jahanara Alauddin Dhaka Shishu Hospital (Retd.) 01713-010307
Prof. Md. Abdul Hye Bangabandu Sheikh Mujib Medical University 01713015326
Prof. Kamal Ibrahim Bangladesh Medical College 01199840757
Prof. Syed Golam Moula Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College & Hospital 01711879359
Prof. ABM Muksudul Alam Prof. and Principal, Shaheed Shuhrawardy Medical College & Hospital. Dhaka 01819-216929
Dr. M.Manzoorul Hoq Laskar Bangabandu Sheikh Mujib Medical University 01814-666 000 (M)
Dr. Gulshan Ara Chowdury Chittagong Medical College  Mob: 01713-103030
Dr. Mohammad Ali Square Hospital
Dr. Dilip Kumar Bhowmick Bangabandu Sheikh Mujib Medical University 01717311935,
Dr. Akther Hossain Loban Dhaka Shishu Hospital 01711544983
Dr. Md. Shah Alam Bhuiyan Dhaka Medical College Hospital Mob:  01819-218676